Hospital Services

Preventive Care:

We at Grizzly Peak Animal Hospital feel that providing superior preventative care and nutrition is extremely important for preventing disease and allowing your dog and cat to live a long and healthy life. We perform yearly to twice yearly wellness exams and custom design a vaccine, deworming and nutrition program based on the specific risks and lifestyle of your pet. Preventative services include:

-Wellness/Dental Exams
-Deworming/Heartworm an Parasite Prevention
-Nutritional Counseling
-Behavioral Counseling
-Socialization for puppies or newly adopted dogs with our group playtime





-Comprehensive Physical Exams
-In House/Send Out Blood Work and Complete Laboratory Services
– X-rays/Radiology Services
-ECG (Electrocardiogram) with Cardiologist Consultation



Grizzly Peak Animal Hospital uses the safest anesthesia, designed specifically with your pet’s individual age and risk factors in mind. We provide continuous monitoring of your pet while under anesthesia, as well as multiple modalities for pain control before, during, and after surgery.

-Soft Tissue Surgeries and Mass Removals
-Select Orthopedic Surgeries
-Surgical Referral/Consultation with Veterinary Specialists



Dental Care:

-Oral Exams
-Dental Cleaning and Extractions
-Preventative Dental Diets and Products



Specialty Diets:

-Science Diet and Royal Canin Maintenance and Preventative Diets
-Hill’s and Royal Canin Prescription Diets


Retail Pet Supplies:

-Borealis Press Greeting cards
-Pet Collars and Leashes
-Joint Care Products
-Pet Toys
-Grooming Supplies and Shampoos
And More……..